A comparison of own achievements with the achievements of other universities can show a lot.

Then comes the task of choosing a reference, and it doesn’t have to be at the top of the ranking at all.

Not every university has outstanding goals, ambitions, tasks. The world respectively does not need 19,000 research universities dedicated to the unique teaching of a few talented students. The world needs professionals from various industries with different specialties, different living and career goals.

The reference can be a university according to its size, located in a city or village, having the same form of ownership, located in any particular country or even a specific city. At the same time the benchmarks may be slightly or significantly more successful in a certain ranking. The comparison can take place with the average statistical data of the universities of city, country, some countries, continent or even world, defining general trends. This kind of comparison helps the university find out which formats are more common or effective in achieving certain goals.