Why don’t the others do the same if everything is obvious and correct enough?

  1. Time. Many studies testing the theory were needed to present a system that includes several levels, connections, and relationships quite simply. Many versions were tested that eventually evolved into a ranking approach, which was the topic of my doctoral dissertation.
  2. Technical difficulties.
  • Different rankings use different policies on the names of universities, for universities from non-English speaking countries even the spelling of the word university differs.
  • The names of the countries are also changing.
  • Commercial agencies almost never publish data in a format that is suitable for later use.
  • Borders of countries change, universities unite and separate.

3. Methodological difficulties. Many universities obviously do rankings analysis, looking for a way to earn a good ranking. But the system is visible only outside its own limits. It is possible to create a system of strategic analysis and planning based on statistical data only going beyond the goals and tasks of a particular educational institution, on the methodological level.